Art Camp 1

The kids had so very much fun at Art Camp last week. They were each in a different group, coming back together only for a mid-morning snack time. Each group focused on similar projects and activities, but with age-appropriate training.

They rotated through three separate classes each day. They worked with ceramics and clay in one class, drawing technique in a second, and painting in a third. Some of the drawing and painting overlapped, but both emphasized the primary focus of the class. They each came home on Friday with a paper sack FULL of their artwork! We spread it all out on the dining room table for pictures before they took it all to their rooms for display.

Because there are so many pictures, I’m spreading it out over three blog posts. Here’s Steven’s work. Look for Angie’s tomorrow and Olivia’s on Thursday!

Proud budding artist!


Steven said there were several activities where they had to make sure no adjoining shapes had the same color.


This one is hard to see, but apparently it was a game. The teacher would give directions that they had to follow to create a design.


This “hand tree” is my absolute favorite! It is also special because it was made by my sweet little “neat” boy who does not like to get messy just for the fun of it. The fact that he enjoyed having his hand painted for the branches and had fun dipping his fingers in paint to make the leaves is a big deal.


I like this water color, too. He was very proud of the fact that he was able to paint the American flag on the left. The right flag is supposed to be the Christian flag, but he said he didn’t get the cross painted in.


And, of course, he was thinking of his hippo-loving Grandma when he painted this one!


Isn’t this pig adorable?


This was another color exercise, I believe, with concentric circles.


Here are his clay and ceramic pieces.


This last clay piece is a bird that he made the last day.


He almost cried when Art Camp ended! He wanted to go another week! He specifically asked for an art set when it was all said and done. His big sisters were only too happy to oblige – by the next morning they had ordered him a kid-friendly art kit for his birthday. It arrived today, and they can’t wait to give it to him!!


Choate Family said…
Great job! Looks like your kids had a blast, and I can hardly wait to see Angie and Olivia's creations :-)
I think the hand tree is my favorite, too!

You might think about choosing one piece of work from each kid and framing it. I'd put the hand tree up in the fall and for Thanksgiving!

That's a fantastic idea, Julie! Thank you!

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