Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, July 23, 2012

In the great outdoors...summer in the south. What more can I say?

A heart of thanksgiving...for leftovers. Is that a petty thanksgiving? We don’t feel all that well today, thanks to summer cold season, and the ease of leftover spaghetti that can just turn into a nice spaghetti bake is simply wonderful!

A heart of prayer...rain at the right times. Harvest is not far away (early this year, thanks to our lack of winter), and it’s a tricky time for rain. But, we still need it!

Random observations...summer colds are really not fair. When I have a cold, I want to put on comfy, warm clothes like flannel pants and a sweatshirt. I want to curl up with a warm beverage and eat soup. I’m too hot-natured to do any of that in the summer. Hard to find alternative comforts for a summer cold. Okay – done complaining now. On to happier thoughts!

Thoughts from the kitchen...leftovers, as mentioned. Oh, and the two pumpkins we beat the worms to are cooking in the roaster. And I have to make bread today. We’ve been out for a few days! Oops!

On my bookshelf...Breath of Angel!! Yes, I finally will get to it this week! The review book I’m supposed to read this week is done, so I’m a week ahead. Can’t wait!

Projects...same ole stuff. Napkins when I have the chance, and starting to think about Christmas. And I have to figure out how to make Steven’s birthday cake. I think he’s decided on a Millennium Falcon cake. Should be fun!

Sounds of the playing, keyboards tapping (mine and Doug’s), and the computer humming.

Last week we learned...about finding King Tut, and we started talking about reptiles (Steven & Angie). Olivia explored  fascinating facts about the eye and started on a unit on China, which includes the biography of Eric Liddell. I love biographies!

A favorite thing from last week...actually completing everything scheduled in the school planner. Yes, I’m weird like that, but it felt oh so good!!

The planner...normal days Monday through Wednesday. Then Doug has a meeting in LR Thursday morning. We will do school while he’s in the meeting, then in the afternoon we get to see the Choates! YAY! Friday we have a few more obligations in LR, and then home again for a (hopefully) relaxing weekend.

Because visuals are fun...when Angie has a book she wants to read but struggles to comprehend, usually because of writing style, she enjoys listening to it instead. Once she gets used to hearing the style, she then can usually read it well. (All rather ironic since I’m sharing this as a visual!) This particular day, Steven decided to join her. They kept their hands busy by sewing various designs on their lace-up cards. They looked so cute sitting there together, listening and lacing!



I too love it when I get everything done on my list or schedule!

sounds like you have a good week ahead,

Choate Family said…
I love biographies, too!

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