Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, July 16, 2012

In the great outdoors...clouds. We did actually get rain over the course of the past week. It seems the amounts vary from 3/4 in to 2 in, depending on location. Because the rain didn’t come early in the week, the farmers still had to water. So, by the time the rain did fall (mostly on Friday), they had to balance the wet fields with the falling rain. As they drained their fields, we ended up with overflowing ditches and even some flooded roads – yes, even with that little bit of rain! These things fascinate me.

A heart of thanksgiving...for a good week last week. It was long. It was tiring. But it was good.

A heart of prayer...for some of the new faces at church. I’m so excited to see them, and I’m praying that true relationships will blossom.

Random observations...I’m a little ADD this morning. I probably should be creating a to-do list instead of jumping from task to task!

Thoughts from the kitchen...some of my new crock pot recipes haven’t been as great of a hit among my children as I’d hoped. I’m going to keep trying, though.

On my bookshelf...The Money-Saving Mom is this week’s review book. Its style is not one I typically like, but its content seems solid so far. Breath of Angel is still calling my name, though. Maybe I can make good progress on the review book while I wait at the doctor’s office today.

Projects...I’m collecting thoughts about a couple of topics: 1) Homeschooling in the ministry and 2) encouragement for ministry kids – you know, those who break the mold and actually aren’t rebellious! There’s a lot out their for “recovery” from being raised as a PK, MK, or any other ministry kid. But there’s not a lot to encourage them through the process or to show them that they aren’t weirdos if they don’t rebel. I’ll stop before I get on my soapbox. But, if any of you, wonderful readers, have input, do share!

Sounds of the playing happily. Since I have a routine dr’s appt today, they get one more day off of school. They’ve finished their chores and are playing happily while they await our departure.

Last week we learned...1) God Made Us, 2) God Loves Us, and 3) God Has a Plan for us (Rec Camp). Also, much learning related to drawing, painting, coloring, and ceramics was accomplished last week (Art Camp). And yes, those pictures are coming tomorrow! I laid everything the kids had done out on the table and took pictures of each and every item. Lots of pictures are coming!

A favorite thing from last week...watching my kids have so much fun at Art Camp.

The planner...dr’s appt today and then mostly back to “normal” for the rest of the week. Yay!

Because visuals are’ll get lots of pictures tomorrow! Smile


Hi Ann,

Glad you got a bit of rain, but funny how that has such a dramatic impact (flooded roads).

Interesting observation about the PK/MK kids. Yah, imagine that - they DON'T all rebel! I'd like to hope we have realistic expectation of our PK/MK friends and don't hold them to an unrealistic standard of holiness, but on the other hand... these are great families! Their kids are happy! Why expect trouble?

But maybe that's just a reflection of the culture as a whole. I have two teenage boys now, and we're having a great time :D


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