Times with Friends

Doug had a meeting in Little Rock on Thursday. The kids and I tagged along with him, had school in the cafeteria of the Baptist Building while he was in his meeting, and then headed over to Barnes & Noble for a very important second meeting…a meeting with the Choates! No little smiley icon can substitute for the smile on my face! Aaron jokes that Joanna and I have radar tuned to each other – I definitely love every moment I am blessed to be with her face to face!

Anyway, we started at B&N so we could use some gift cards and pick up some school resources. All seven book addict children had a great time visiting and reading in the children’s section. Olivia had a birthday gift card that she’d been saving for this trip, and she was looking forward to book suggestions from Sarah and Benjamin. Sure enough, she ended up buying the first three books in a series that they are thoroughly enjoying right now.

Angela, Katherine & Steven


The two Olivias


From there we headed to Pinnacle Mountain State Park to grill burgers and visit. It was warm, but we found a nice, secluded shady spot and settled in.

The kids and Aaron explored the beginning of a trail down by the water while Doug grilled and Joanna and I set out the picnic stuff and visited.


Then the kids migrated to a long pile of gravel. As we were leaving, Steven declared the gravel pile more fun than any playground!


When it was finally time to say goodbye, we rounded up seven very dirty, but very happy children. Isn’t that a precious group?


Katherine melted my heart. As soon as all of the big kids dispersed after the picture, she said, “Take one of just me, Aunt Ann!” How could I resist! Just look at that smile! Choates6

Then she needed another picture with her walking stick.


And then Steven had to have his picture taken with his walking stick.


And Angie had to do her prissy poses.


I “stole” a couple of more shots. Olivia was worn out!


And here’s the birthday girl, Sarah. She turned 13 yesterday. Such a gorgeous young lady, inside and out! Her sweet spirit reminds me so much of her precious mama.


It was hard to say goodbye again, but I’m so thankful for the chance to cultivate our friendship online and for every chance we get to spend with them face to face.

Oh! Joanna blogged about the visit, too…here’s the link to her post: The Choate Family


Love the pics - what a fun day!

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