Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, July 9, 2012

In the great outdoors...we’ve seen raindrops!!! Not many – in fact, we could probably count how many we’ve seen and felt – but they are evidence that there really is moisture falling. We’ve had promises of rain and rain all around us since Friday night, but we’re praying it finally falls here as forecasted today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. Yes…all three!

A heart of thanksgiving...for a good first night of Rec Camp (our stand-in for VBS) at church including a good supply of helpers this year.

A heart of prayer...for the remaining three nights of Rec Camp and the reality of truly reaching families.

Random observations...there are times when the kids are all home and it’s still quiet in the house. In fact, we do manage a brief quiet stretch on a daily basis. But, the quiet that exists when they are all three gone and I’m the only one left in the house is a very different sort of quiet. I think any little noise from outside this room would cause me to jump out of my skin right now!

Also, it is very strange to have dropped all three of my children off with strangers. I don’t know that I’ve ever dropped any of them off with complete strangers before, to be honest. But today we walked away from all three of them and left them at Art Camp. I’m anxious to get back to them.

My diversions...a book just for fun. Actually, I know I’ll end up reviewing it because I can’t help it. But, I intend to read it just because I want to. I actually read its sequel Eye of the Sword last week and posted a review on Joy of Writing (my personal blog). I liked it so much I wanted the first one, Breath of Angel. Doug found a used copy cheap online and ordered it for me. So, I’m hoping I can squeeze it in between review books!

Thoughts from the kitchen...a new recipe – a crock pot tortilla casserole. I’m going to have to be on top of cooking this week because I have to go pick up the kids from Art Camp every day about the time I’d normally be getting lunch prepared!

On my bookshelf...God’s Wisdom in Proverbs by Dan Phillips is one I’m using as a resource while working through our Proverbs study at church. But, this week’s review book (for Home Educating Family, not my own blog) is Journey into God’s Word by OBU professors Dr. Hays and Dr. Duvall. It’s the less academic version of their textbook Grasping God’s Word (which I’m kind of reading/comparing as well right now), and as I read it, it takes me back through the years to the classroom where I sat and listened to both of them lecture. I loved those classes. I learned so much from them and the other professors in the religion department, and continue to do so even now through their books and conferences.

Projects...this week will mainly be school planning for the next six weeks or so. But, hopefully I’ll get a few more napkins done as well.

Sounds of the moment...just the hum of the computer and the tapping of the keyboard.

Last week we learned... “The body can stand dry heat of up to 200 degrees F for several hours with no ill effects. At 100% humidity, the body temperature will rise when the outside degrees exceed 90 degrees F.” from Blood & Guts by Linda Allison. I knew humid heat was more difficult to deal with, but I didn’t know the difference was that great! I’ve been thankful for lower humidity this summer.

A favorite thing from last week...a delightful Independence Day celebration with my parents, Ben, Ashley, Abigail, and Renay.

The planner...Rec Camp started last night and runs through Wednesday night. Art Camp started this morning and runs through Friday morning. We didn’t originally plan for both the same week – Rec Camp had to be changed after we signed up for Art Camp! So, the late nights and busy days will probably catch up with all of us. But, it will be a good week, I’m sure!

Because visuals are fun...I give the girls a day off school (Independence Day), and what do they do? They pull out their science books and read them for fun! Smile And no, it’s not because they are that devoted. It’s because our school books really are that fun. I love it! DSCF1011


You ARE having a busy week! I bet the kids will be pooped. Ah well, next week you can take it easy. Maybe you can hang out at your friends' pool :D

Oh, I know how you feel leaving your kids with strangers. Especially when they're young. Even when your rational brain knows they're okay, it still feels WEIRD. At least they're all together. Enjoy the quiet, as much as you can!


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