Art Camp 2

I just realized I didn’t get Angie’s artwork posted yesterday! (We went swimming instead!)  So, here’s hers, and I will still try to get Olivia’s up this afternoon.


We’ll start with her clay and ceramics. The first two, the jar and necklace, are clay.


The necklace is reversible.


Her ceramic jar had different designs all the way around.



Here she was supposed to look at some leaves, sketch them on one piece of paper (on the right), and then paint what she’d sketched. She said that for some reason she had to change her plan, but I didn’t follow exactly what the reason was.


I love this one – I think it’s my favorite! She calls it her silhouette painting.


She did a lot of animals – goldfish in their bowl, a lion, a cat (who she calls the Mina Cat because of the stripes she designed), peacocks, and a hippo. There are two peacock pictures because she wasn’t satisfied with the first one. The second one didn’t get finished at camp, but I think she plans to finish it.


Angela is like me in that she tends to be more practical. If she’s going to do artwork or a craft, she wants it to be for a purpose. She loved learned at art camp, and came home Thursday, pulled out her acrylic paints, and painted a cat picture for one of her teachers. So sweet!


Love the jar (vase?) with the leaves, and the tree in the sunset. The owl is so cute, on the branch!

Her animals - especially the hippo - have a lot of character :D

Choate Family said…
I'm with you, Ann. Beautiful and practical at the same time, always a good combo!

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