I Admit it…I’m Getting Spoiled!

And they’re done!! Well, almost. I still need to trim threads on about a dozen, but for the most part the everyday napkin project is complete! Now I can think about some fall, Christmas, and winter napkins! Smile 


They are a hodge-podge of designs. For the most part, I used scrap material, especially for the girls (the pinks and purples). I had about a yard each of the stars and baseball fabrics, so I didn’t have to piece as much together for Steven and the “grown-up” napkins.

Olivia had a beautiful basket that she wasn’t using, so she graciously donated it for the napkin basket!


And here’s the tool that made it all possible. The #64 hemmer foot. Wow.

I take the raw edge and fit it into the foot. All I have to do is keep about a quarter of an inch folded over and feeding straight through the foot.


The foot does the rest! It takes me about five minutes to go from a raw-edged 12” square to a beautiful, hemmed napkin! Okay, so they’re not ALL beautiful. There are a few tricks to keeping the fabric running through the foot well, and this was my learning project. So, some of the hems didn’t come out just right. But, practicing on a project instead of just running through some throw-away strips of material really did pay off. I have napkins and a lot of practice with the foot!


To top it all off, my utter disdain for narrow hems is gone. Yes, I am definitely getting spoiled!! But, oh the projects I can do!



Oooooh! So that's how you did it!

I made napkins ONCE. But had to iron and double-fold the hems, which stretched in the ironing and didn't come out nearly so nice. I may have to look into getting one of those attachments!

Well done :D

Thanks, Julie! I did that (ironing and double-folding the hems) for a Christmas present last year. It took forever, and I never could get a nice, straight hem! I'd never have tackled the job again without this foot.

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