Celebrating Angela

Well, thanks to rain, the return of nasty heat, and our personal schedule, we don’t have the normal photo shoot of pictures to post today. Angie decided that she’d rather wait and get the pictures she really wants in a few weeks when it’s cooler. So, Angie’s official birthday photo shoot post will come…sometime.

For today, we’ll just celebrate!! We actually started celebrating yesterday because it was easier to fit several of her preferred activities in on a day that was a holiday for others as well.

She loves the fact that the Razorbacks always play their first game of the season on or near her birthday. So, she decided to deck out in Hog colors to honor the occasion.


Her first request was waffles for breakfast. YUM! Daddy did an excellent job!


Her cake request was a John Deere tractor in pink grass (although I think she ended up deciding that it was actually a pink rice field). Steven proudly offered his tractor as a model.


I got to work on the decorating mid-morning, with a cheering section, I might add!


I was about halfway done when lunchtime rolled around. Angie had requested Daddy’s cheeseburgers and Sun Chips for lunch. So, Steven and Doug headed out to the grill and made some mouth-wateringly delicious cheeseburgers!


The pink on the cake somehow ended up two-toned by the time I was done with it, which Angela thought was really, really awesome.


The pictures do not do her excitement justice. She was beaming and bouncing up and down!


Notice the variety in her décor of choice. The tractor in a pink rice field, of course. But then we have her candles which remind us that she is, after all, still very much a princess even if she did want a tractor cake! And, a birthday celebration for Angela would not be complete without something Hello Kitty.


Birthday party time finally arrived, and the two Hillman families came to help us celebrate. And once again, I did not get pictures of the partiers. Somehow I just get caught up in the visiting!


Which brings us to today. I thought about just taking yesterday off of school to honor her birthday, but I couldn’t stand to make her go to school on her birthday. So, we get today off, too. Angie donned her princess dress first thing this morning, as is befitting her birthday.


In just a little while we will head to the pool to get in a swim before the day gets too hot. Then we will come home so she can prepare her annual birthday quiche. I love it when my children want to cook on their own birthdays! I’m sure we’ll also enjoy round two of birthday cake and ice cream. Finally, we will pull out the gifts for her to open after lunch. Then on Friday she’ll get to go shopping in Little Rock with her birthday gift cards.

It’s shaping up to be a delightful celebration for our nine-year-old! Happy birthday, precious girl. We love you!


Nine?!?! How can that be?!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday :D

Anonymous said…
I'll bet it was hard to cut into that beautiful cake! You do a great job, Ann. Glad you had a good birthday Angela - can't wait to see the pictures that will be coming later! Love you, Nanny
Choate Family said…
You are certainly blessed with Angela's sweet smile and quiet spirit. I think she gets it from her mama!

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