Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In the great outdoors...the heat is back, but fall is still in the air! We can feel it in the mornings when we walk. Steven is fine with the delay, still wearing shorts and t-shirts without a second thought. The girls, however, cannot stand it. It’s supposed to get up to 90ish today, but they both came in wearing warm clothing this morning. Poor girls. I understand! I’m ready too!

A heart of thanksgiving...for another season of clothes, including the mound of clothes waiting to be folded; for air conditioning and heat; for God’s protection over our church ladies as they encountered van trouble on their way home from Indianapolis Sunday.

A heart of prayer...for the farmers as they finish harvest, especially as downed rice greatly increases the likelihood of mechanical issues. For fair weather while they finish up.

Random observations...Steven turned his night light back on last night. He just felt like it. I just smiled.

Thoughts from the kitchen...I am about to have a freezer loaded with pot pie filling and turkey rice soup base (except it will be a chicken/duck mix instead of turkey). That makes me so very happy! Soon, hopefully, we’ll start seeing turkeys back in the store so I can mimic my wonderful grasshopper herding friend and freeze turkey for the coming year.

Oh, and the bread book I mentioned? Awesome pizza crust! We had a homemade pizza prepared, cooked, and ready to eat in about the amount of time it would have taken to open and cook a frozen Red Baron pizza. I’m not kidding. And it was the best homemade pizza I’ve ever had. Now to make those caramel pecan rolls.

On my bookshelf...not so much fiction this month. Sad thing. But, I must stay well-rounded, true? I’m looking forward to finishing The Bible in World History for next week, and I have some children’s books to review.

Projects...The supplies for my Christmas plans are on their way! Can’t wait to get started!

Sounds of the moment...the gabbing of children, hopefully accompanied by some serious room-cleaning.

Last week we learned...I am so out of school mode this week that I don’t even remember! Olivia and I finished up the Mongols and started on Russia, I think. Angela and Steven are finally about done with ancient Egypt and ready to move on to glimpses of other ancient civilizations. Greece will be our next major emphasis.

A favorite thing from last week...discovering that I made the right choice when I decided months ago to stay home instead of going to Indianapolis with many of the ladies of our church. I missed the fellowship, and I’m sure the conference itself was great. But, God confirmed in many ways that home was where I was supposed to be. I like it when He does that.

The planner...trying to get all work done today before Doug’s parents arrive tonight. They get to stay through Sunday, so we look forward to some good visit time. They’re taking the kids to go have some fun tomorrow while Doug and I head to the annual pastor’s conference at Ouachita. I’m so excited! But, I  just might have to cancel school next week, too, to get school prep done and be ready to head into the fall. Crazy times are coming!

Because visuals are fun...this is not a good picture at all, but this was the view of the sunrise as we left for our morning walk earlier this week. We typically go out in the dark, but we were late that morning. This view was incredibly gorgeous – much more so than the picture shows!



Oh Ann, that does look gorgeous, even blurry ;D

Fall is definitely in the air here. Our temps are in the 60's or low 70's in the day, and I love the crisp feeling in the air.

And my mind is on turkeys, too! I'm thawing one in the fridge to cook on Friday... clearing out my freezer for the sales to come ;D

Take care,


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