Nope, Not Ready

Steven has gone without a nightlight for a week. It all started with a “sleepover” in Angie’s room at the end of last week. Typically the sleepovers are in Olivia’s room or Steven’s room, and both of them have nightlights. Angie has never really used one. And it was pretty dark in her room that night.

The next night I went into Steven’s room to tuck him in. He had already turned his overhead light off, but his nightlight wasn’t on. I reached to turn it on and he stopped me.

“I don’t need it, Mommy!”

What?!?! You don’t need it? You’re my baby boy. You’ve always used a nightlight. It’s always been a really big deal.

He just laughed and told me that he liked the dark in Angie’s room and didn’t need his nightlight anymore.

I’m convinced there’s a rule somewhere that baby boys aren’t allowed to outgrow things like nightlights until they have moved out of mama’s house. Then they can outgrow them, they just can’t tell mama. Sounds good to me!

At least he still wants it in his room. It’s a cool Lightning McQueen nightlight he got for Christmas a couple of years ago. He said that even if he doesn’t use it, he wants to keep it til he’s seven.

Okay, then!

Just another reminder that I am now the parent of big kids. All three of them. Fun? Without a doubt. Exciting? Definitely. But still a little tough occasionally. Just a little. 


It is good, but hard (!) seeing our little sweeties grow up!

I'm laughing, though, because I went the other way and did NOT put nightlights in their bedrooms - just the hall and bathroom, for those night-time trips.

We had a beautiful Winnie-the-Pooh nightlight (a sculpture that was lit from within) that we ended up using with a timer that turned it on in the morning, so the boys would know it was okay to get up :D


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