Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In the great outdoors...fall is coming!! After triple digits on Friday, the cold front really did come in. The difference was unbelievable. And it has continued!  Yesterday’s high was only 82, and today has maxed out at a pleasant 85, which is about where it should stay for the rest of the week. We even have a day with a high in the upper 70’s in our forecast!! How I love fall! We have had most of our windows open since yesterday morning (all except the ones with holey screens that need to be repaired before we open them – the mosquitoes are still HORRIBLE!), and should be able to keep them open indefinitely. It’s really amazing how the house can get to 78 and feel hot with A/C going, but it can get above 80 and still feel wonderful when the windows are open. Yes, fall is in the air, and I love it.

A heart of thanksgiving...for life in a small town.

A heart of prayer...for those whose lives really did change on this day eleven years ago.

Random observations...this post will probably be moving back to Tuesdays, at least temporarily, because of some changes in our schedule.

In other news, I must, must, must consult my to-do list tomorrow. When I don’t, I forget things, like I have both yesterday and today! Grrrr….

Thoughts from the kitchen...mandarin duck, with some extra duck cut, browned, and returned to the freezer for future concoctions. I’m also curious how duck parmesan cordon bleu would taste. We make that with both chicken breasts and thighs, and I just can’t help but wonder if it would taste right with duck breasts. Something different.

On my bookshelf...putting aside Forever Hilltop for a bit since the review isn’t due for a couple more weeks. Instead I am reading Wish You Were Here, which is due this week. Oh, and reading through The Jesus Storybook Bible to review tomorrow. I think I like it.

Projects...mulling over Christmas gifts. It’s about that time! I have a few fun ideas – hopefully I can make them happen. Sorry, no hints.

Sounds of the moment...Steven and Angie playing in the back. Outdoor sounds through the open windows, although I’m currently in a room that does not have windows that can be opened. That’s the only thing I don’t like about this room.

Last week we learned...a lot of review stuff. Seems it all hit at once.

A favorite thing from last week...getting chilly at the Air Show on Saturday. Yes, we were actually cold!! It was wonderful!

The planner...a normal couple of weeks. Normal includes adding art classes for the girls. They get to take weekly classes at the art center where they went to camp this summer. Angie on Monday afternoons, and Livie on Thursdays. So, the weekly schedule will need to be tweaked so we can just stay in Stuttgart while they’re in class instead of driving back and forth.

Because visuals are sweet boy and me. I just love that smile!IMG_20120907_110346_220


That's a cute pic :D Is your hair shorter, or is it just pulled back? Looks great :D

Thanks, Julie! Yes, it's short. I got it cut with Olivia when she donated her hair - hers is growing back a lot quicker than mine! :-)

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