Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Catching Up

The next few posts are going to be all out of order chronologically, but I’m just going to play catch up! I’m going through recent pictures to see what I’ve written about and what I haven’t. I discovered I never even posted about our Thanksgiving visits! I got the possum skinning posted, but nothing else. I supposed at this point it’s not really so relevant for my lovely readers, but I like to have a story behind the pictures just for my own remembrance. So, here goes…

We had Thanksgiving with the Brownings on the Friday after.

We had lots of fun with Nanny & Papaw and Uncle Ben & Aunt Ashley, but somehow they didn’t get into any pictures!

We did get pictures of snuggles with Grandpa Russell.


And pictures of playtime with Uncle Tim and dogpiles on Aunt Alli.


(I absolutely love this one of Tim and Abigail!)




Oh, and silly cousins!


And I can’t forget bunny lovin’ – the real kind, not just stuffed Bunny!


On Saturday, Grandma, PopPop, Aunt Stephannie, and Morgan arrived at our house for the fun to start all over again!

There was visiting and playing.


Musical entertainment as Morgan showed herself capable of producing a much better clarinet sound than her Aunt Ann ever could!


And good snuggles.


Some with a little extra squish (I think there’s a Steven in there somewhere!).


Nice to have family to celebrate with!


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