Crafty Christmas 4–Steven

And last, but definitely not least, here are Steven’s Christmas creations. Obviously, he needed the most help, but even so he did an excellent job on the parts he could do himself. He came up with the ideas himself, as well, except for Doug’s. He didn’t know such things existed until the idea was planted in his mind. It didn’t take long for him to latch on and dive in with great excitement, though!

Doug’s gift was a marshmallow gun. The plan was on a youth ministry site Doug had stumbled upon at one time. We spent next to nothing on the supplies, but this has turned into the most awesome gift and toy!

I measured the lengths and cut the pipe. Then Steven looked at the chart, laid it all out, and stuck it together.



We debated painting it, but he found some Air Force stickers instead and stuck them all over it. Right before Christmas we picked up the mini marshmallow ammunition, and it was ready to go! Oh my goodness have we had fun with that thing! I never dreamed it would work so well! 100_0785

Steven decided he wanted to make necklaces for Olivia and me. Doug helped him pick out the supplies, and then I helped him make Olivia’s. He strung all those little bitty beads for Olivia’s necklace and then started all over with beads for mine!


I helped him braid Olivia’s and attach the cord to the clasp. When I opened mine, I was delighted! It was also braided, but it was red, white, and blue instead of pastel.


Finally came Angela’s. He wanted to make her a boy sock doll to go along with Ella. He did much of the hand stitching on the doll all on his own!S8

Then he sat in my lap as we worked the sewing machine to make the clothes.


She named him Oliver. I love Oliver’s explorer outfit because the vest and hat are reversible with camo on one side and Razorbacks on the other. The camo side of the vest has a buckle to make it look more outdoorsy while the Hog side just has a snap. We think she likes him!


And that sums up this year’s Christmas gift creation list! It makes me excited to think about what they might come up with next year!


Choate Family said…
I will attest to the marshmallow gun - it is amazing! Doug is a really good shot, too ;-)

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