Crafty Christmas 1

All three of my sweet children worked long and hard to make gifts for each other and Mommy & Daddy for Christmas. They did such a fantastic job! I love the “side effect” of creating gifts. When it came time to open Christmas gifts, they oohed and aahed the most over the things that were made for them, with the exception of a few bought gifts that were very specifically targeted toward their personalities. They have learned to appreciate the time, effort, and thought put into gifts. I hope they never lose that!

I’ll start with our “group project” and the gift I made for them. Because the kids’ skills and ideas have grown as they have grown, they had some pretty aggressive projects this year! So, I spent most of my time helping them.

We all worked together to make several of these throw pillows. Even Doug got involved, helping me pick out patterns, colors, and material. The center is cross-stitched, set into a seasonal wrap that slides onto the neutral pillow. My intention is to make more wraps so that eventually there is one for every season/holiday.


The girls helped me with the stitching, and Olivia helped cut the fabric strips. Once the pillows were made, Angie and Steven had a stuffing party. Angie finished them off by hand-stitching the final seam on the pillows once they were filled and trimming threads on the wraps.


I finished this gift literally at the last minute. Fortunately they were super easy because I just had a few hours to get them made! Doug had found bows and arrows for all three kids. We picked up a little camo fabric and some cord, and I came up with a way to make quivers. They didn’t turn out exactly as I’d envisioned, but I was pleased and the kids love them!


There is one more project I want to show you, but it will have to wait. I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet. *Hanging head in shame.* I must get it into tomorrow’s mail!!! I must, I must!


Choate Family said…
Where is the marshmallow gun? We want action shots!
It's coming! :-) I don't know how many action shots I have - I'll have to work on that. Then again, you saw it live!!

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