Crafty Christmas 2–Olivia

And here’s Olivia! She has advanced tremendously in her skills over the last year. I’m so proud of her! She really did a lot of the work on her own. 

Olivia and I went together to buy Doug a Polish pottery piece to add to his office missions display, and she made me a woven bookmark that I forgot to take a picture of.

Meanwhile, she wanted to create a sewing box for Angela. So, she bought an inexpensive little hat box and we worked together to create something fun from there!

First she made a pin cushion to attach to the lid.


Next she assembled a lining with pockets. I love how the blue and apricot fabrics matched so perfectly with the colors already on the box.


Finally, she made a strap with decorative stitching down the middle and glued rick-rack around the lid to embellish it a bit. Angie has enjoyed filling it up with her sewing supplies! She even used Christmas money to buy a little thread, pin, and needle set to rest inside the box.


Steven has been wanting a boy sock doll like his sisters have. He’s definitely not a “doll” child, but these sock dolls are becoming an extension of our family, it seems, and have quite the identity. So, Olivia decided to make him one (which has since been named Han – shocking!).


Once the body was assembled and stuffed, she started working on the outfit while she waited for me to get the hair sewn on (still a bit challenging even for me, so she hasn’t tackled that task yet). She needed a bit of help with the finer details and some of the instructions, mainly because little doll clothing can be a bear! But, she did most of the work herself. Han was to have a Razorback chef’s outfit.


Livie has made a couple of sock dolls, but she has never stitched on the faces before. I drew the face on with disappearing ink, and she stitched over the ink. This isn’t the best shot of Han, but I think she did a great job! I love the chef’s hat, and his apron has “King of the Grill” stitched on it. Tomorrow I’ll explain why those words were chosen…and I’ll show you the full picture that this is cropped from!


We all loved our gifts and are very proud of Olivia’s work!


Choate Family said…
LOVE that you are passing these skills on to your amazing kids and that they enjoy making thing for other people. You are giving them two gifts at once - sewing and a heart of generosity :-)
Oooo, I love all your "crafty Christmas" ideas! And even more, that you got all three kids involved ;D

Well done!


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