Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, January 28, 2013

In the great appears to be shaping up to be one of
those winters. You know, the kind where one day the shorts need to come out and the next it’s snowing. Which, for those of you unaccustomed to that sort of winter, also means lots of storms as the cold fronts come through. A cold front should come through tomorrow (but not cold enough for snow this time). Fun!

Within our four walls...quiet. The kids are all outside enjoying the day.

A heart of thanksgiving...for opportunities God is laying before us.

A heart of prayer...for peace in the busyness of the coming months, for my family and others.

Random observations...I love administration and organization. Almost as much as I love writing.

My silly children...truly love each other. That’s so precious to me.

Thoughts from the kitchen...simplicity this week. Still nourishing. Still good. But simple. Thankful to my darling hubby for laying out the plan for the week…and for making it simple!

On my bookshelf...well, actually, I have to ignore what’s on my bookshelf for a day or two while I catch up on the kids’ readers. This year all three sets of readers are unfamiliar to me, and I’m struggling to keep up. Next year, we’ll be down to two sets that I have to read because Steven will be back into familiar books. The next year, I’ll only have to read Olivia’s and then just skim back through Angela’s and Steven’s. How helpful that will be!

Projects...learning WordPress. Not to switch this blog – I like it right here. But I really think the minister’s wives blog I help administer will work better on WordPress. I’m excited about learning something new!

Sounds of the moment...doors opening and closing as kids come and go. At least the mosquitoes aren’t bad today!

We are learning...that dividing fractions isn’t as hard as it was originally thought to be. Poor Olivia just couldn’t get it the way it was being taught (multiplying the reciprocal). I showed her the good ole cross multiplying trick. Her eyes just lit up and she said, “That’s actually fun!”  Over the course of five minutes she went from missing every problem to getting every one right without a second thought. I’ll gladly admit - that just made my day!

A favorite thing from last week...receiving an article idea right about the time I expected to be choosing not to write one this time around. God’s timing really is perfect, isn’t it?

The classes resume this week, but Angela has been moved to the Tuesday class so she can do ceramics. She’s excited! We also have a meeting Tuesday night, but I think that’s about it. Maybe.

Because visuals are fun...I’d really love to post something here. But I just don’t have anything. Maybe later this week.


Oh Ann, I can't imagine shorts in the winter - sounds kind of crazy (she said with a smile) :D

It's a lot of work keeping up with everything the kids are reading, isn't it? Mine are at the age where I just don't, anymore, but I used to.

Have a good week,

It IS a lot of work! I don't even try to keep up with their "for fun" reading - just their school readers so I can test for reading comprehension (sometimes they speed read and miss a LOT). That's more than enough for me!
Choate Family said…
I love it when I get to be there for the "aha!" moment and watch my kids get it!

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