The Cure for My Edginess

I started today pretty edgy. I was tired and the power was still out. We lost it around 9:00 last night during the storms, but the projection was it would be back on around 10:00. Then midnight. Then 3 AM. Then 5 AM. It is 4:50 PM right now and it’s still not on. (At this point Entergy says it’s supposed to be on by 4:00 PM – I think they missed it!)

The edginess has resided nearby all day, but I know how to combat it. It’s not an easy battle, but it does work.

It started with this morning’s shower. Yes, a hot shower. I couldn’t help but thank the Lord for gas water heaters!

Then I enjoyed my cup of Choffy, thanks to the gas grill with a burner attachment on which we could heat a nice big pot of water. Oh, and the French presses in which both Doug and I could make our warm beverages.

I can’t forget the battery backup systems that let us mostly charge up our cell phones as well as the corded phone that - in this age of cordless phones, cell phones, and internet phones that all must have electricity to power – allows us to still have phone service.

I must mention my children who have moved through the day without a single complaint.

There was also the fact that it was warm enough both indoors and out to open the windows and air out the stale, musty smell that the night’s storminess and humidity had shut into our home. Then when it got too chilly to leave the windows open anymore, the wonderful insulation in our attic kept the indoors temperature from continuing to drop. Oh, and the fireplace allowed us a spot to warm back up a bit.

The church’s power came back on before lunch, so we were able to cook lunch there instead of having to try to cook on the grill.

The sun peeked out enough the first half of the day to allow us to do school right by the windows with plenty of light. By the time the sun disappeared behind the clouds again, we were free to move everything up to church.

I guess you probably see the pattern by now. I’ve tried really hard to be thankful.

Our lives rely heavily on electricity. We just can’t help it. It takes a lot of intentionality and energy to move through the day when we lose it. But oh how God provides! I’m so thankful! I have forgotten that thankfulness a few times through the day, but He reminds me each time the edginess rears its head.

Entergy now says 7 PM. We’ll be at church til 8:00 or 8:30. We opened the fridge just once, so its contents should be fine until we get home. So, I’m just praying the power is on by the time we get home. Regardless, I’m thankful – it’s really been a pretty smooth day!


HI Ann,

Oh, I sympathize! We occasionally lose power during windstorms, though not usually for so long, and it is a big adjustment! Good job managing your attitude... setting the pace for your kids :D

Choate Family said…
Way to go! Fight that battle with thankfulness :-)

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