Celebrating Olivia

It’s taken me a few days to gather and sort through the pictures of a celebration that spanned three days, but here they are!


Each child gets to choose the menu plan for a breakfast, lunch, and supper when their birthday rolls around. Schedules rarely seem to allow all three meals to fall on one day, however, and Olivia’s fell on three separate days!

We started on Saturday evening. For her “dinner” meal, she requested steak, homemade cheese fries, and corn on the cob. Chef Daddy did quite the excellent job on all of it!


After she went to bed, I started working on her cake. Yeah. That was not fun. I should have just gone with the normal idea of using icing, but I thought fondant would make her requested TARDIS cake look so awesome! In my head, I could make it look like this:


It didn’t. I was so discouraged by the end of the night that I completely forgot to take pictures of it. But, as always, my sweet baby girl was happy with whatever I made for her!

We got home from church Sunday morning and had her requested light lunch – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with multi-grain chips! Surprise, surprise! Then we enjoyed cake.


Well, we enjoyed cake after she finally got the candles blown out!

Yes, we did stick her with the trick candles. It was so much fun! But, if you notice, at the very end of the video she had a slightly puzzled look on her face after she pulled out the first candle. She LOVES to lick icing off the candles, and there was none because of the fondant!! Ooops! We all got a big laugh out of it before running her candle through some icing used internally as “glue.”

After cake, she opened presents.




Angie made her a birthday crown!




Jack, meanwhile, apparently was threatened with death by tissue paper!


Sunday afternoon/evening we joined a big group from church at the Stones’ house for a fish dinner. The kids got to enjoy their first swim of the season while the grown-ups visited. But, the chill in the air, thanks to an approaching thunderstorm, had most of them running for their towels before too long.


Poor little Steven was blue-lipped!bday3

Only Angela and Jada Hillman didn’t freeze to death. Such biscuits!

In pure Olivia style, her greatest fun had nothing to do with the pool! Nope, her real fun was helping Gary bread the fish and get it ready for the fryer! Olivia got it of the bowl and wiped off the excess water, and then she and Jada worked together to get the breading on it. It was yummy fish!


Finally came breakfast Monday morning: chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, hash browns, and eggs. It’s probably a good thing her chosen meals were stretched out over three days – we did get fruits and veggies in between them!


And that is the summary of our celebration of Olivia’s twelfth birthday. She says it was a good one!


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