Texas Delights

Before we left for Dallas last weekend, I wrote a post for my personal blog and scheduled it to post on Friday while we were gone. The scheduling was intentional. The post, The Secret of Friendship, contains my thoughts on how this crazy, long-distance yet very close bond between our family and the Choates works. And work it does! Oh how we love that precious family! We literally soak up their presence.

We planned to meet at a local amusement park near their home in Cedar Hill. Thanks to cell phones and travel updates, we managed to pull into the parking lot at the exact same time!

We started with some go-cart fun.


choates15We ate a quick supper and then moved on to miniature golf. After a little instruction, we were ready to go. We divided up into four teams, per the direction of the children: a girls team, a guys team, and a mommies & Katherine team. Quite the fun division! The girls led the way through the course, and we discovered later that they enjoyed making up their own rules along the way!


The guys team went next, with mommies and Katherine bringing up the rear.



Ready to cool down a bit, we headed in for birthday cake. These two gorgeous ladies share a birthday, and it was such a delight to celebrate together a couple of weeks early!


Sarah made a mouthwateringly delicious chocolate chip cheesecake for the celebration, and Benjamin made sure all of the candles were lit!


We finished up the evening with some arcade games. When a tired but happy crew made it back to the “Choate Bed & Breakfast,” we were greeted by this…and yes, we feel it!


The next day we enjoyed the gorgeous trails owned by Wycliffe. I was too busy enjoying the sights to get many pictures – it was breathtaking! But, this was my favorite glimpse.


Our picnic spot on the trails was the spot where Aaron and Joanna knew God was calling them to serve with Wycliffe. It was special to share that spot with them.

Of course, this sight was pretty special, too.


Silliness is to be expected when the Hibbards and Choates get together, including a game of sardines. (Sarah was hiding while the rest of the kids were counting in the bathroom.)


Look who was tucked in the shower behind the big kids?


Goofiness at the supper table.


And a few “sword” fights.


Of course, pure cuteness cannot be helped, either!


They even enjoy their down time and bedtime together.


And yes, this silly group can go to sleep together, believe it or not!


We say that this trip was just for the pure fun of it, but the truth is that the Choates fill our tanks in so many ways. We are so blessed to have their friendship and are so thankful for those face-to-face opportunities we get!


What a fun time THAT looks to be! Wonder how much sleep they got in the tent ;D


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