Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Twelve years. We always heard it would fly by, but even with the warning it still catches me off guard more often than not.


I have watched as the daughters of friends and church members have suddenly progressed from little girls to young ladies. It happens overnight and is rather startling. liv3

I thought that I’d be somewhat prepared when our turn came, having seen it happen to those other girls. But I wasn’t. It’s just different when it’s your own daughter. I’m sure I’ll be shocked all over again when it’s Angela’s turn.


It hardly takes a second glance to see that Olivia’s looks have matured over the past year. But, I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve heard comments about how she has grown and changed.


Her personality remains the same – vibrant, rambunctious at times, silly, imaginative, and sometimes caught up in her own little world.


But, she is also interested in more grown-up things. She thinks differently and speaks differently. Although there are times we want to knock some sense into her head, she is showing signs of increased responsibility. liv9

She’s not one of these kids who has found her niche early in life. She enjoys so many things: sewing, drawing, singing, building, and taking apart. She wants to know how things work, and she loves to explore. But none of those things have reached out and grabbed her with a passion, except, of course, her continued love for Bunny and anything camouflage.


But, oh to have her imagination! Oh my! Whole worlds are created in her mind, complete with strange creatures and adventures and even epic battles. I need to hand her a voice recorder and tell her to just talk her imaginative stories out (she does it frequently anyway!), and maybe one day we can get it all compiled and written down. I’d love to read her stories.


Twelve years ago we welcomed our firstborn into the world. She grabbed hold of my heart and has not let go. I have loved being her mommy. I see glimpses now of also being her friend, sharing not just mommy/daughter things but deeper things as well.

Happy birthday, sweet Olivia!

We love you!


Oh Ann, she is a lovely girl and a lovely PERSON (I mean, inside and outside, both :D )

Choate Family said…
It's so fun to watch our kids grow and mature, inside and out! Good job, mama, in nurturing both :-)

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