Have I mentioned that…

…the van runs so wonderfully now?

Yes, it’s still old and it still has a limited life span. But, when we had to have it towed to the mechanic, we were really afraid it had breathed its last – or that we would have to put much more into repairing it that it is worth. In all honesty, a thirteen-year-old van with 217,000 miles on it isn’t worth much except to the family that can still drive it!

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I’d love a newer car. But, we have had no car payment for a while now. That’s really, really nice!

And I didn’t want that to change.

Amazingly, it was just the fuel pump. Yay!

Meanwhile, God provided so beautifully! I know He always does provide, but it doesn’t make it any less special each time we see it. He provided for not only the fuel pump and labor but also the other things we really needed to take care of on the van as well as the tires for the car.

Here’s the most awesome thing. Last week showed that we’re growing in our ability to trust and not stress. God has always provided, but we still tend to worry. Last week, though, the prayers of faithful prayer warriors all around us sent a peace crashing down over us that allowed us to rest and trust. We wondered. And yes, our muscles were a bit tense from the stress of Monday’s events and waiting for the verdict on the van. But we didn’t worry. It feels so much better to rejoice over His provision when we have chosen not to worry! So much better.

We still have a long way to go, but we’re getting better. I like growing, even when it takes some time stranded on the side of the road to make it happen.


Whew! And I know the feeling... we have a twelve year old van and a twenty-three year old 4Runner. But they're paid for! I'd much rather keep them running and drive old cars then have a car payment :D

God is good,


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