A Bear!

Doug and I were having date night Friday night - we feed the kids supper by themselves, put them to bed, and then have dinner and do something together as just the two of us. We don't often get out of the house, but we still greatly look forward to our weekly date night! Anyway, as we were finishing our supper Friday night, Olivia comes into the playroom where we were watching a movie. She said, "There's a sound like a bear in our room!" Doug responded with, "There's a bear in your room?" Olivia gave him a look and answered, "No, there's a sound like a bear in our room!" The tone and look were even clearer than the words! The look said, "Daddy, you are so silly to think there's actually a bear in our room! That would just be crazy!"

Come to find out it was a congested Angela snoring in the top bunk that sounded so much like a bear (and, she really did!), but it has started a whole new line of jokes in our household! I rolled Angie over onto her side so she wouldn't snore as loudly, and Doug cautioned Olivia about making sure Bunny stayed safe from the bear! :) Olivia, of course, got a big kick out of that! Then Doug and I returned to our movie still sharing a laugh over the fact that there definitely was NOT a bear in the room - it just sounded like one!


Choate Family said…
We have a snorer, too - Olivia! (and she doesn't even have to be congested)

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