The Weekend

We're home! We pulled in a little before midnight last night. Doug just left for work and the kids and I are slowly starting our morning.

After a two-hour question and answer session with the church and a short sermon (Doug was worn out!), the church voted 98% to call Doug as their pastor! The committee member who came in to deliver the results literally bounded through the door to where we were waiting and hollered, "Praise the Lord!" The general attitude of the church was the same as his - there was a great deal of excitement and pleasure that we were coming. I have to say that we were quite thrilled ourselves!

The only uncertainty about our move date is the question of when we can get into the rental house. We should be getting a phone call about that this morning and will be able to iron out those details. If the house is ready to be moved into, we hope to move the 8th or 9th of July.

Thanks for your prayers! Keep them up as the packing moves up a level in intensity. God is good!


Choate Family said…
Praise the Lord! We are so excited for you and your sweet family to be able to pour yourselves into a new church family.

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