Quick Update

Thank you for praying with us through all the Lord is calling us to do! We go this coming Sunday (June 22) to Calvary Baptist Church in Monticello, AR, in view of a call. We will probably move the week of the 6th.

There are a lot of things to pray over, and I will be happy to share specifics with anyone interested. But, to be honest, we just have such a perfect peace about God working out the tiniest and grandest of details! The main reason I want to share the requests right now is so that I can share the answers as they come, because I know they are going to be awesome! We already have a few answers that I want to share with you...
  1. We have been praying that, above all, God would be glorified in whatever happens with our house upon our move. It has been on the market for over three weeks, but no one has even shown an interest. We have recently discovered a possible opportunity to greatly minister to a family by renting the house to them until they can actually buy it! It's a dependable family Doug knows, and they need a place to live mid-July - hmmm...about the time a certain other family is moving out of this house! :-)
  2. Doug's tuition reimbursement from UPS has been repeatedly denied, despite the pre-approval before he began his courses last summer. But, UPS recently updated their computer programming that processes the applications, and suddenly his application has been approved! There is a catch - the application is supposed to be filed within 60 days of course completion, and Doug's completion date was January 12. But, he has records of his application attempts and rejections as well as a letter stating the situation. So, there still is a need to pray that it will get the final approval, but the fact that we've made it to this new level of approval is already a HUGE answer to prayer!
  3. We have been praying for financial provision since our savings will run out when I pay bills tonight. We've also been praying individually (we just now discovered we were BOTH thinking about it!) about whether to move Doug's truck or try to sell it. Well, one of Doug's coworkers out of the blue asked Doug today what he'd sell his truck for! She's been looking for something for her son. So, Doug asked for the amount we'd need for our next set of bills between now and the move, which she considered a good price. She's going to talk to her son and husband about it and give Doug a call tonight. God knows!
I also have to share what Olivia said yesterday. When we disovered we were down from three 15-passenger vans to one for our Mother's Day Out field trip yesterday, I became one of the recruited drivers to transport kids! As we were driving back from the field trip, Olivia and the two friends riding with me (one of them another Olivia) were talking about our upcoming move. The other Olivia said, "But I don't want you to leave! Why do you have to?!" After explaining that Doug had a job down there, my Olivia said, "Most of all, it's because this is what God told us to do! And, if God tells us to do something, we have to do it because it's the best thing for us and it's showing obedience to Him!" This led to a conversation between the two Olivias about the importance of following God and obeying Him no matter what. The other Olivia commented that God's the only One who knows what's down the road, and that means His decisions are best since he can see the future. It was a beautiful conversation between a seven-year-old and a nine-year-old, and I was so incredibly proud of both of them. (Please pray that I have a chance to share this with the other Olivia's mom - I know she will share my pride in the girls!) That conversation alone makes the move worth it - two little girls made giant strides in trusting their Lord, and I wouldn't trade that for anything!

(Okay, so the update wasn't quite so quick, but I hope it was worth the reading!)


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