Steven has been talking for a while, adding words to his vocabulary faster than we can keep up sometimes! Lately, though, he has learned new concepts such as possessive pronouns and sentence formation such as "I want Daddy's d'ink (drink)!" or "I want your d'ink!" (In fact, many of his sentences involve "I want," which we're trying to redirect to include "please.")

And now other people are noticing his chattiness. His little information sheet from Mother's Day Out on Thursday stated that he had been quite chatty, with an additional little note to the side mentioning how talkative he had been - and his favorite teacher wasn't even there! Doug and I are learning the true difficulty of having a conversation - we just thought our talkative Olivia affected that. Steven in a whole new ballgame. When riding in the van the middle seat will erupt with "Mommy, Daddy!" every thirty seconds it seems! He's found something new and exciting to tell us, and he will not rest until we have repeated back what he's trying to say. We have learned that saying the typical "Oh, really!" or "Uh-huh," or "Is that right?" doesn't work for him - I think he knows that we haven't understood him if we say something like that. So, he'll keep talking about that schoolbus, car, truck, train, airplane, animal, water, rain, or whatever else until we have properly understood him. He does the same at home. Sometimes it can be exhausting, but it's also precious to hear him verbalize what his brain is processing.

Right now he's grabbing the arms of my chair and my legs so he can turn my chair around so I can play ball with right back! Okay, he's done with me and off to play with Lu-Lu (Angie) for a few minutes before naptime.

I have to brag on my girls. Many kids would be devastated at the thought of packing their things at all, but especially a month in advance of a move, but my girls are amazing. They are choosing toys, stuffies, and books they want left out, but they are excited about seeing the packing progress! They are also very open to passing on so many things to other people - we really have so much, and we are working hard to learn as a family to let go of things. I really feel the Lord is honoring the prayers we've prayed for so long over the kids - praying for them to be prepared for and handle well any changes God might bring into our family.

Olivia is finishing her math for the day, and the other two are playing happily. So, I'm off to take advantage of the moment!


Choate Family said…
Sweet friend - we are in this together! Praying for you to have wisdom in the move and to be able to focus on the really important things (people) in your day as well as "accomplish" your long list of things to do. How I wish we were closer!

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