Teeth & Houses

Greetings from Monticello, AR! Let's start with Olivia...she's more snaggletoothed than ever! The fourth gap was added Friday morning when she pushed the last loose tooth out with her tongue! This should be the last for a while!
We arrived in Monticello around 11:15 this morning, stretched our legs at the local Wal-Mart, grabbed a quick lunch, and then met our wonderful local tour guide, a lady from our church who showed us around the neighborhoods of town. True to the way God's been working lately, she had gotten a phone call from a lady she knew. The lady told her that she knew of a rental house that was about to be vacated that might be great for the new pastor! So, we made a stop there, fortunately finding the current occupants finishing up a moving sale. They'd already moved their belongings to their new house, so it was already pretty much empty. They graciously allowed us to come in and look around. It's perfect! It even has a room that Doug immediately classified as the homeschool room - as soon as he said that, the lady there said that's exactly what she'd used that room for - teaching her own five children!
We still need to actually make contact with someone about renting it, and we do need to pray that they'll let us have our kitty. But, I have a feeling none of that will be a problem! :-) (Do pray for our kitty right now - she escaped the house when Doug's friend came to look at the house this morning. So, she is outside, and doesn't seem to want our neighbors to help her! Pray that she will come to them or be okay until we get home.)

By the way, Doug's friend LOVED our house, so she and her family will definitely be renting it. God is good!


Choate Family said…
Love the trees! God is so good to provide everything - we are continuing to pray for you and the kids through the whole packing & moving process.
Anonymous said…
Too Awesome! I am so glad everything is working out for you! (Course I never doubted it would!!! :)
Did Doug have to preach today?

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