Coping with the packing!

There's a good bit of chaos in our house right now, as you can imagine! One thing we are VERY thankful for is the playroom! This is actually an enclosed garage that we have used for our library, schoolroom, playroom, and TV watching room. Now it is our packing room. We have moved the kids' toys and books into their own rooms to give them a haven away from the boxes. Such a blessing to be able to walk away from those boxes!

Still, we all need a bit of an escape from the whole ordeal quite regularly. Steven is getting his fill of different family members reading to him. He
takes his pick between Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy (aka Olivia), bringing a book to one of us and asking us to "read-read!"

One really cute thing about moving the toys to the kids' rooms has been seeing Steven play with his Legos in the floor of the closet. I remember when I was younger, many of our toys were stored in the bottom of my brothers' closet. I have fond memories of playing with Legos and Little People on the floor of their closet. Steven just kind of automatically picked that spot to play with his Legos, and I thought it was so precious! It brought back those sweet memories.

One other thing that has been very sweet is to see how each child has found his or her coping mechanism for escaping the chaos. You've seen Steven in the closet, so it's obvious the Legos have been a big deal for him. Olivia enjoys her books and playing with her brother and sister. Angela has enjoyed the playing, but sometimes she just has to withdraw to be by herself. This first video is just one such time! She was off by herself watching Cinderella and dancing to the music as Cinderella and the Prince danced! So sweet!

Here are Livie and Steven playing Legos together.


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