Saturday, June 7, 2008

Learning Something New

Olivia has learned a new skill - playing Spades! She comes by it honestly - Doug and I were a formidable Spades team before we were a couple (yet another sign that we were meant to be!). She saw Doug playing a game on the computer this morning. He got up, and she sat down to finish his game. Doug and I were giving her tips and pointers, and she played two games with our help. We set up a shorter version of the game for her (to 250 points), and after playing another game this morning and a couple this afternoon, she'd mastered going nil - something she seems to love - and had played and won two games on her own. (Don't worry - computer limits are effective immediately!) Very soon I'll be getting out the deck of cards to work on nerts, solitaire, and Spades with real people.

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Choate Family said...

We've been working on spades with our crew, too! Bidding is still a little tricky. I see a mean spades tournament in our future!