A Joiner Visit

Before we left Joiner, we talked about my old Sunday school class from Joiner getting together in the spring for a picnic. Well, it was a little later than spring, but on Saturday we did get together with the members of my class and a few other good friends. The kids picked up right where they left off - they were so precious and had a great time!

Even Steven let Millie hold him - and I was in the same room! I was delighted. He has grown up enough that he had a great time being right in the middle of all of the other kids.
The kids found a huge, old tree in the front yard that they just HAD to get up into! They all took turns being lifted up into the tree for pictures. Mrs. Joyce, our precious hostess, told me later that this tree was well over 100 years 0ld - probably close to 150 years!
Again, it's always tough to say our goodbyes, especially to people we may not see again this side of heaven. But it was sweet to see them one last time.


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