Bible Verses

Olivia and Angela memorized Psalm 24:1-6 over the first six weeks of school. We needed to have them share it publicly, but we just didn't get the details worked out for them to do it at church. So, I recorded them to share with all of you! They actually said the verses almost two weeks ago (we're in week eight now!), but better late than never, right?! :-) (Okay, so I don't like that cliche either, but I couldn't help it!) Here they are...

And, just so Steven doesn't feel left out (yeah - right - just because I thought it was cute!) I had to stick this picture in, too. Steven was playing in the living room when he saw that the clothes basket was empty. He climbed in it, started rolling it back and forth, and said, "Take a picture of me, Mommy!" Now how can a mommy resist that?


the girls gave me chills! i LOVE that those were the verses to be learned!!! and kids in clothes baskets are ALWAYS cute...hava does that all the time. :o)

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