Fall and Us

I have a tub of Thanksgiving and fall things that I typically don't get around to putting out until shortly before Thanksgiving. This year I thought it might be nice to celebrate the arrival of fall by going ahead and bringing out our decor. So, the girls and I unpacked the tub, packed away a few of our year-round knick-knacks, and scattered fall decor around the living and dining area. It's nice!

Steven has done phenomenally well with his potty-training. We were on the road all day Saturday, and he stayed dry all day! He let us know when he needed to go, overcame his fears by going in the scary Sam's bathroom (I was phenomenally proud!), and decided that ALL aspects of going in the potty were OK!! He also did well in church yesterday, and insisted upon wearing only his "peet stop" underwear to church last night instead of wearing a diaper. Such a big boy!


I like the new fall blog deco too! Yay for Steven!!! So exciting!!!

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