OBU Homecoming

It's nice to live close enough to Arkadelphia to get to make a day trip! This past weekend was Homecoming, and it was also the 10th reunion for the class of '98 (Ann). We didn't see a whole lot of our friends from our college days, but we did see a few. We also got to see some faculty and staff who we had good relationships with while there. It was really a lot of fun. Here is some "visual" from our day!
The girls with the Tiger

The girls with the female mascot - something we didn't have when Doug and I were there!

Doug and Olivia watching the band. Olivia has grown very interested in music and has added musician to her "What I want to be when I grow up" list. She was quite enamored with the band and all of the instruments. I'm so glad they warmed up where we were!

Loving on the Tiger again. Steven didn't want to have anything to do with the Tigers while they were out and about. But, as soon as they went over to the field for the game (which we didn't attend), he started begging for the Tiger!! We kept telling him that he had his chance, but that's hard for a two-year-old to understand. Poor Steven!

The girls loved the inflatables!

This was Steven's way of enjoying the outdoor activities - in Mommy or Daddy's arms guzzling water!

Olivia showing team spirit with her paw tattoo.

Shots in the student center...

Steven continued begging for the Tiger, so while we were in the student center we found a poster with both Tigers on it. Although it wasn't totally satisfactory, it did at least put a smile on his face and mostly appeased him!

Steven met a friend! This is the son of a couple of classmates - they skipped the football game like we did, and we ran into each other on the main part of campus where we were roaming a bit more before getting in the van to return home. There were about four families in all with seven kids among us. No one else was on that part of campus, so it was nice and peaceful. We enjoyed catching up - and Steven was so patiently tolerating being investigated by his fellow future Tiger!


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