Have I mentioned I LOVE fall?

The cool weather is back today! When we first woke up it was still muggy and warm, but within an hour and a half the mugginess had dissipated and the temperature had dropped five degrees! At this point - not quite noon - the temperature has dropped another five degrees! Woo-hoo! We opened the windows once again to let in the cool, crisp air. It's a blessing to have a house structured such that the windows are protected from the rain. We can have all of the windows in the house open even on rainy days to allow that sweet breeze to come in!

Steven's potty-training seems to be pretty much complete! We've even stopped putting diapers on him at naptime! YAY! He still has to be taken to the bathroom because he can't pull his pants up and down by himself, but I don't really ever have to ask him. Such a blessing! I know it wouldn't have happened without prayers, so thank you!

We are about to start our ninth week of school, and it is going well. Angie's reading has really taken off. We're focusing greatly on phonics blends, and as long as she has the appropriate phonics rule learned, she can read anything! So, there are, of course, still areas to work on, but she's doing very well. Olivia is doing well, too. We seem to have gotten her math lessons under control, and now we are working to do the same with language arts.

I saw something very sweet the other day. Any of you who pray regularly for someone else know that there is a bond that develops between you and that person because of prayer. My girls are learning that, and Olivia showed it clearly in one of her school assignments! We've been praying for some MK's mentioned in my mom's monthly prayer letters. Olivia had to choose someone she would love to get to know and write about that person. She chose one of those MK's! We'd been praying so much and so personally for her that Olivia has developed a love for her that she never would have had otherwise. What a sweet testimony!

And now it's time for lunch...thank you all for your love and prayers!


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