Prayer Request

Saturday evening saw another faithful saint make her journey home. I actually have never met her, but I know some people who loved her, including her husband. Josh Hildebrand is an old college friend currently serving as pastor of a Kentucky church. I'm not sure of all of the details, but I do know that over the past couple of months his wife Christy had been dealing with some health issues such as a rare strain of pneumonia and some strange symptoms in one leg (she had apparently been suffering from severe arthritis in her knees, and was supposed to have double knee replacement soon). From what I understand, though, none of her health problems appeared to be life-threatening.

Please join me in praying for Josh and their extended family as the Lord brings them to your mind. There are some of you who have experienced such a grief, and you can comprehend the grief he's dealing with. I cannot even begin to imagine, and I know that all I can do is pray for him, his family, and her family right now.

Thank you, prayer warriors!


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