You know, it's nice to know when you've been prayed for. It's nice to be told (which I have been), and to know there are some of you who pray even if you never mention it. THANK YOU!

I've shared our struggles with Olivia, and God really seems to have given us some solutions. I keep trying to offer rewards, but Olivia definitely has some attention deficit issues that keep her from focusing her attention even when very tantalizing awards are offered. My mom is a learning disability therapist, and she has given us some of the exercises she has used in her therapy to use with Olivia. So far, though, our schedule has not allowed those exercises to be worked in. Olivia and I really want to work them in starting next week, so please pray with us that God will open up the perfect time frame to do those things.

Meanwhile, though, we've managed to find another assistant for Olivia. This year we've been learning about classical music, composers, and some of their works. An idea formed in my mind - and idea I'm sure was straight from the Lord! We brought one of our headphone sets back home from church, hooked it up to the computer, and put them on her so she could listen to the classical music while doing her math, and at the same time be able to shut out the other distractions. We've done it three days in a row. The first day she was quicker with her math lesson, but still struggled a bit and did not get it done before break. Yesterday and today, though, she has finished her math lessons within the alloted time frame! If she can do it one more day, she'll get a new book! She's thrilled to be so close to her goal, and I think the success of the past two days will help her succeed tomorrow as well. I'm VERY proud of her!

I'm proud of Angie, too. As we did our missions reading this morning, we were learning about Greece. We were going through the pictures on the pages, and Angie said, "Look, Mom! It's the Parthenon!" My jaw dropped - we learned about the Parthenon months ago! But, she knew exactly what it was and remembered! She also surprised me today by reading all of her math instructions to me. There were sight words, color words, and a compound word (airplane), and we have not dealt with any of those concepts in reading. I was very pleased that she figured them out!

Oh, and the kittens...they are everywhere these days! The flea issue has improved greatly over the past few days - thank you so much for your prayers! So, we have a couple of new requests! Please pray that they will learn to use their litter box and that more of them will show an interest in the kitty food. So far, they all seem to prefer to EAT the litter!!! Wesley seems to be the only one who will even try the kitty food, and he loves it! We know at least one of the kittens has used the litter, but I've also been finding little messes over the past couple of days. Thanks for the continued prayers!

I glanced at pictures today and realized there are quite a few from our park trip last weekend that I never posted. I'll work on those this weekend! Thanks for your patience with a more pictureless week!


your kiddos sound like outstanding students! we'll remember to pray for them.

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