Silliness Catonified

Wilhemina and Wesley and their favorite past-time - wrestling with one another!

Princess Buttercup snuggles.

Buttercup and 'Mina found a new place to play today - yes, they got in the stroller themselves.

We are seeing progress with litterbox training. YAY! So far Vizzini is the only other kitten to join Wesley in eating kitty food. Thanks for praying, and keep it up! And please don't forget to pray for those new homes. The kittens will be six weeks old on Wednesday, and they will be ready to leave within the next few weeks. I'd keep every last one of them if I could, but eight cats would be a little much!


Anonymous said…
The pictures still didn't show up this morning on my computer, but they did tonight. I want a kitty. If I can't have the white one, I'll take the gray. Will you keep it for me??????

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