In a Hotel

Ah, so much fun to be in a hotel room. We're very blessed to have two rooms - I really, really am thankful for the concept of the Residence Inn! It's very helpful right now as I have one very sleepy Steven napping in one room while somewhat restless girls get into mischief in the other room. Doug is at the convention (Arkansas Baptist State Convention, by the way, held in Bentonville)- enjoying himself evidently. Every now and then he sends me a text message with the topic of the time. The rest of us will be joining him tomorrow, but we didn't feel that this afternoon would be a good situation for the whole family. Olivia would have to be in there with me the whole time since there is no provision for homeschooled school-age children (yet!), and Steven would have missed his very crucial naptime. Tomorrow morning, though, Angela and Steven will go to the provided childcare, and Olivia and I will join Doug. I have a stash of surprises to take with me that will hopefully keep Olivia occupied through the morning!

We pulled into the Fayetteville area yesterday afternoon. We checked into the hotel, made a quick trip to Sam's (taking advantage of being in an area local to Sam's - avoiding that extra trip this month!), took a driving tour of the UofA campus, and then came back to the hotel. My sister Allison came over a little before 7:00 to watch the kids while Doug and I went out for the evening. Isn't she sweet? She'd offered before we even had a chance to ask! Such a good li'l sis! We enjoyed a leisurely dinner at PF Changs (pretty much the one "us" place where our kids have never been!).

This morning we got up for an early appointment for family pictures (again making use of being local - this time to a Portrait Innovations location, our favorite picture people!) before Doug headed to his convention activities. We could have waited about 20 minutes and gotten the pictures then - and I could have already been uploading them for you. But, we needed to get Doug to the convention. So, we'll be picking them up this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Check back in the next couple of days and I should have them posted on here.

This evening we'll be welcoming Alli back over for another visit over dinner. Thanks to the set up of the Residence Inn, we can cook here. Such a blessing to not have to eat out this whole trip, as that does get both expensive and old! So, we'll be making a pot of soup and some cornbread - yum!

Tomorrow morning we'll head homeward after the convention ends. So, that's the first few days of the week for the Hibbards!


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