Continents and Oceans

Oh how they learn! One of the things we have this year is a cd of geography songs. It is full of little songs created to help children learn countries by region - or to learn different aspects of specific countries. So far we've learned the Continents and Oceans, Western Europe, the Middle East, Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia, the former USSR, South Asia, and Southern Europe. To be honest, they are annoying little songs that can get stuck in your head, but I think maybe that's the point! :-) We haven't focused a whole lot on getting the countries onto the map other than to initially identify them, but each week our new song goes along with either our missions study for the day or with our history! So, the girls are excited because they are learning more than just the names of the countries - they're learning about the countries they're singing about. And, when one of those countries is mentioned elsewhere, they definitely remember it!

Anyway, another great thing is that Steven's learning the songs, too! He has no idea what he's singing about at this point, but my two-year-old can say "Tajikistan," among other things! I haven't gotten a good video of him joining with the girls on any of the country songs, but this is the three of them singing the song about continents and oceans. You may or may not be able to pick out his voice, but know that, for the most part, he's singing right along with his big sisters!


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