Birthdays and Schoolrooms

It was another wet, wet weekend for Monticello. Our yard is now beyond complete saturation. As of today, we have one to two inches of water standing in the yard - and that's not counting the ditches that have long since overflowed. We are supposed to have rain throughout the week, so we haven't seen the worst of it yet! We think Doug got the spot in the school room closet sealed up such that it won't flood anymore - I guess we'll see! The nice thing, though, is that today is nice and cool - it has barely gotten up to 60! After muggy 80's - up to low 90's once or twice - this is wonderful! And, since we have protective overhangs over all of our windows, we're able to open the house up today without the rain coming in. It's almost chilly in here! I love it!

Saturday the girls and I went to a birthday party. Such fun. At Easter I posted a picture of one of the little girls Angie is always surrounded by at church. Here are two more. Anna Grace, the birthday girl, is the sweetie in the yellow dress. The precious little girl in the blue is Riley Kate, who is also Steven's little buddy.
I finished the school room! I'm so very excited! It looks and feels much better than it ever has, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it "works" this week. One of my favorite things is that rearranging a bit has opened the floor space up phenomenally! We were able to spread the book corner rugs out and add the play rugs handed down to us by a church friend - what a blessing! We did have to move the chalkboard onto the easel where it must share a place with the whiteboard/flannel board/bulletin board. But, I think it will work out just fine.
The other thing that I am loving is the fact that I now have a desk. YAY! That is going to make it much easier to keep everything in its place. God is so good to us to help us stay organized. We want so much to be good stewards of what He's given us. We're growing in that so much - still have some areas to work on when it comes to keeping the house in order. But, we're growing!
I still have just a couple of projects. I'm going to make a hanging holder for some of our loose flashcards, and I need to make a couple of curtains. We were going to make pouches for the girls' art-work in progress, but it looks like I won't need all of the shelves I cleared off as I was reorganizing. So, I'm going to hang little curtains over two of the shelves and let the girls store their art projects there. Those two projects shouldn't be too difficult, though. Also this week I'll hopefully be able to implement a few new systems to have independent work ready for the girls and learning activities ready for Steven such that even if I'm not available the kids can just pull things off the shelf and be ready to go. Homeschool is always growing and changing the more we learn. It's fun!


Luke Holzmann said…
Ah, seeing all those wonderful Sonlight materials makes me smile! May you continue to find joy as you grow and change together [smile].

Choate Family said…
We're back in town now, and I'm having a blast catching up on your blog! We came back to find a sweet box from you guys. Thanks for your encouragment! Talk to you soon...

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