Olivia's Day

Tuesday was such a fun day! It was the first birthday we've had in a while that didn't fall on a church day. So, we were actually able to do a few things scattered throughout the day to celebrate Olivia!

We had to start the day with our chores because such is the nature of life, birthday or no. Olivia finished her chores quickly because she wanted to help decorate her cake. When she realized that I needed to fold laundry before I could start on the cake, she jumped right in and helped!
Once the laundry was folded, we had to do one more thing before we could start on the icing. The thing Olivia really wanted for her birthday was an apron - and how can you work in the kitchen without a good apron! Angie and I had intended to make her one, but we didn't get the chance. So, Tuesday morning we all worked together to make one for her - her first birthday present.
Then we set to work on the cake. Olivia had camera in hand to record the progress, and she also made sure I got everything right. She had designed every aspect of the cake, so I was glad to have her on hand to explain exactly what she wanted and answer some of my questions!
The finished product!
The birthday person always gets to pick a birthday meal. Olivia wanted "breakfast for supper." So, about the time we finished the cake, Doug arrived home from work and started cooking! Per Olivia's request we had delicious pancakes, scrambled eggs, peppered bacon, and our special occasion juice - pineapple orange banana juice. YUM!
Then it was birthday cake time!
And gift time! Olivia was delighted with her plastic canvas sewing kits from Steven and Angie, and was very excited about her brand new "big girl" Bible (with purple lettering, nonetheless!).
But, then Doug reached into the closet for the big surprise. Shortly after Christmas he'd found a child's training guitar on closeout at Walmart for a very manageable price. Olivia has really been wanting to learn piano and guitar, so we thought this might be a good way to work toward that goal. I don't think she was the least bit surprised...what do you think?

Now on to the adventure of all of us learning piano and guitar together! Should be fun! :-)


Ruthanne said…
I want a Bible with purple lettering! :D

The cake turned out beautifully! That's A LOT of work.
A purple-lettered Bible and a pink guitar...

two things you probably won't see at my house ;)

Looks like loads of fun,

Beth said…
It looks like you all had a wonderful day!
Wow -- I'm super impressed with the cake! Amazing!

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