Insiny and Other Tidbits

We greatly enjoyed our little break from school, and it has actually re-energized us as we've gotten back in the swing of things this week. In addition to having a good few days of school, we've spent our time fighting fleas and roaches, enjoying the fellowship of some friends, and soaking in the last little bits of spring weather before the summer heat.

A couple of weeks ago I posted my school room reorganization process and shared that I still had a couple of things to get done. A friend from church saw the post and passed on a few things that helped a bunch! One was this precious organizer quilt with pockets - is that not awesome? And, in my kids' favorite colors, too - purple (Olivia), pink (Angela), and red (Steven)! The pockets are the perfect size for holding all of our little loose flashcards, and the only ones that were too big for it already had another home by the time we hung the quilt. So, we're good to go!

She also blessed us with some leftover material and seat cushions so that the kids can have cushions on their school chairs! How sweet! I haven't quite gotten those made yet thanks to the fact that my sewing table has been buried in started projects for a while - I am trying to whittle those down and then I'll get these made. But, I'm excited! They'll be great! Thanks, Lindy!

Finally, I want to share something that Olivia wrote this week. We just finished reading a book entitled Frindle about a fifth grade boy who decided to try to outwit his English teacher by making up a new word! It was such a fun book! To follow up our reading experience, Olivia made up a new word and wrote it into a descriptive paragraph. See what you think...

Insiny is a neat food. It is made from hard, small, yellow kernals that explode when they get really hot. Then they become white and fluffy. You season the ensiny with butter, white cheddar, caramel, or anything you want. And when you're done making that delicious ensiny, you eat it up. Ensiny is yummy!

So, gather your family around a big bowl of insiny and have a great weekend!


Choate Family said…
Been away for a few days and it's nice to catch up with you and your sweeties! Enjoy your insiny (isn't Sonlight amazing?!?).
Anonymous said…
I love the heart quilt! Good job Olivia, Angela & Steven!
Stephanie Kay said…
Insiny sounds really yummy!! In fact, I think we had some just last week! :)
Beth said…
I love the quilt--we stole the idea and are going to do the same thing with a shoe organizer. I needed a place for those random bits and pieces!

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