Two Visits and Teeth

I really can't believe I've done this. We had two grandparent visits and no pictures!! How in the world could I possibly have done that?! Oh, wait, I just remembered - I do have one. I just have to email it from my phone.

Sunday we were blessed to be able to head down to Monroe after lunch and spend the afternoon and evening with Doug's parents. Then yesterday the kids and I dropped Doug off at the AR Baptist Convention Building in Little Rock, then we headed to Judsonia for a very quick visit with my grandparents. It made for a rather busy day, but it was good to get to visit with them.

Here's the one picture...Olivia is rather proud of the fact that she's growing taller, especially since she's "almost as tall as Grandma Polly!" (For those of you who don't know my grandmother, it doesn't take much to be as tall as she is - I think she's about 4'10" or 11"!)

Angie had her cross-bite appliance put in today. She did fabulously, as usual. She has amazed me with how well she's handled her dental visits. She still loves the dentist! What a blessing that is! She's talking rather funny today, and we've all had a bit of a laugh about that. Her speech has cleared up a bit, though, just over the last few hours since we've been home, so I think she'll compensate very quickly. She won't be able to bite all the way down, so that will slow her eating - unfortunately, she's already a very slow eater, so this will be an interesting challenge! I'll have to make her quiche every day if I want her to eat at a decent speed! :-)

Now it's time to call the kids to join me 'round the computer as we devour the details of the life of the Choate family and their time on Marulaon!


Choate Family said…
You are such a sweetie! I'm devouring the details of your life, too!

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