Prayer Request

Dear blog friends, will you pray with me for the Underwood family? Two-year-old son William had a serious accident at church last night. He was running, fell, and landed neck first on a book case in his classroom. His trachea was crushed and he was rushed to the emergency room while church workers tried to find his parents.

His condition was very serious, but he came through surgery well and is now beginning a long (especially for an active two-year-old!) recovery. He will have to go home with a trache tube, which will be an adventure, I'm sure. I do not know how long he will have to be in the hospital.

As I read what William's mom wrote about the whole ordeal, I was once again reminded that we can't truly always protect our children. Sometimes things happen, and there's not much we can do about it. But, God can and does protect them. He put a whole string of people in place who responded promptly, wisely, and urgently to care for little William each step of the way.

Thanks for praying with me. William's parents are John and Kari. He also has big sister Anna Kathryn and twin brother Stephen.


Choate Family said…
Please tell John and Kari that prayers are being lifted from the other side of the world on behalf of their family.
Belinda said…
I will lift up this family. I also wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind comments regarding my article on the husband's role in homeschooling. It means more to me than you could know that someone is encouraged by my words. May God continue to bless this beautiful family.
Mandy said…
How horrible.. that poor family! Praying for a swift recovery.. I cannot even begin to imagine dealing with such an injury on a toddler that young. Praying for them! Please keep us updated.

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