The Beauty of God's Handiwork

I have seen gorgeous snow pictures before and just wished I could see such scenes first hand.  But, I live in the south.  What chance would I have?

Last week I got that chance!  I was so busy watching the road for ice on Tuesday that I didn't really get to take it all in.  But, out of the corner of my eye I could see glimpses of the beauty that surrounded me on every side.  Then, once we were there, Dad walked into the house and said, "Let's go for a drive!"  Mom and I grabbed cameras, and I looked forward excitedly to actually being in the passenger seat and getting the chance to really look. 

The next day the sun was shining beautifully, and I was blown away by the trees covered in white contrasted against the bold blue sky.  God's artwork just takes my breath away!

After we got back to Monticello on Thursday, snow actually came to our neck of the woods - yes, way down in southeast AR!  Before the sun came out and melted it away later in the morning, we loaded up in the van and went to see how snow looked on the town.

And this is probably my favorite shot of  God is definitely amazing.


Oh what fun! The visits AND the snow, I mean.

And here we are, way up in the north, and no snow at all.

Enjoy :0)


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