Our House - The Solar System

After getting ready for church this morning, I was helping Olivia get some charms on her charm bracelet, and Doug was doing some writing.  It didn't take Steven and Angela long to disappear into the library to get back to playing a game that has been going on since Tuesday or Wednesday...

Let's Travel the Solar System!

We're not studying the solar system at all this year, but on Tuesday the girls found out that Wednesday was Solar System Day.  So, the solar system has been quite the focal point for much of the week. 

Apparently, each nook and cranny of the house has been assigned a name from the sun all the way to Pluto.  (Yes, we know that Pluto is no longer a planet, but the huge floor puzzle they put together on Tuesday is an older one that includes Pluto.  So, they're including Pluto, too.)  Each day they determine which planet they are living on and which ones they want to visit and why. 

Up until today, I've just heard them tossing around the names of the planets, but this morning was a little different.  Evidently Angela had found a new fact sheet about all of the planets.  So, as they plotted out their travel route for the morning, Angela read the description of each planet and then she and Steven discussed why they wanted to avoid certain locations.  Today, apparently, they wanted to avoid storms - particularly the massive storms on Jupiter and Uranus. 

Although I didn't hear exactly what history they were discussing, Olivia recently informed me that they were combining history with their solar system travels.  Hmmmm....

Have I ever mentioned how much fun it is to raise kids who love to learn?  :-)


Choate Family said…
Your smart kids made me smile, friend!
Hurray for being half-way through!

Those guys (girls) are hilarious! I'm curious how they combined the solar system with history :D


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