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For Today...February 15, 2010

Outside my window...gorgeous sunshine and a very light dusting of snow from yesterday evening's unexpected snow shower.

I am thinking...about all I read this morning and how to apply it to the minute to minute daily routine.

I am thankful washer and dryer. I am reminded regularly what an incredible blessing it is to be able to throw our piles of laundry in them.

I am jeans and a Quachita sweatshirt.

I am hearing...girls helping each other put clean sheets on the beds, Steven playing quietly (but not too quietly), the washer and dryer, and an overall sound of peace.

I am reading...

Knowing God by J.I. Packer

Rick and Bubbah's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage by Rick Burgess and Bill Bussy

I am hoping...that the energy I have felt this morning carries on through the week. It feels good to feel good.

On my mind...the incredible and wonderful challenge of raising up children in knowledge about God that leads them to truly having known Him – and of seeing that in my own life as well.

From the learning rooms...some catching up and reacquainting ourselves with the routine of school.

Noticing jeans are a bit snug this morning – needing to work on that this week.

Pondering these words...

Yet the invariable fruit of true knowledge of God is energy to pray for God's cause – energy, indeed, which can only find an outlet and a relief of inner tension when channeled into such prayer – and the more knowledge, the more energy!”

If, however, there is in us little energy for such prayer, and little consequent practice of it, this is a sure sign that as yet we scarcely know our God.”

J.I. Packer from Knowing God

From the kitchen...a request from the sweet kiddos – chicken parmigiana, noodles, and peas (unless I can whip up some sweet-n-sour green beans! Yum!)

Around the house...much catching up to do – but it seems we are still managing to avoid an overall sense of chaos. That's encouraging.

One of my favorite things~Mornings that get off to a good, energetic start

A few plans for the rest of the week: Gospel presentation at Upward practice tonight – praying for seeds to be planted in little hearts. Sorting through books, both loaners and new school books – finding storage for some and shelf space for others. Sorting through a bag of hand-me-downs. Plotting through the start of our first garden.

From my picture journal...

Angie finally has loose teeth! Both of her bottom teeth are loose, although not quite ready to come out. But, that doesn't stop her daddy from threatening her with the pliers! (Well, at least they're not rusty!)


Choate Family said…
I know you've been busy, but I've missed your updates on the blog! Thanks for sharing the encouraging & convicting quote.

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