Box Day!

We recently did something I consider to be exceedingly fun – we ordered everything we'll need for school next year! No, we are not starting until August. Yes, it is early. But, there is a method to our madness. We like to place our order in about February or March when our tax refund has arrived (aka, we have the money!). This gives plenty of time for planning and preparation without Mommy having to hole herself away for a couple of weeks before each new year begins.

So, voila...we now have a house full of new books!! For Sonlight users, this is known as Box Day. We enjoy wishing one another “Happy Box Day,” because it's just as fun as celebrating a holiday. I usually take pictures, but this year I missed getting them. I was too busy enjoying!

We actually had multiple Box Days. First, we got three boxes from Mom (both Core 4 and other books for later) over the course of two of our visits. Having taught my youngest siblings with Sonlight, she had a large number of the books we needed for Core 4. I just can't begin to say how much of a blessing that is this year! Next to arrive was a big box from Sonlight last Wednesday, followed by a few boxes from Amazon on Thursday. And so the planning and labeling begin! Yay!

I honestly cannot wait to unwrap and peruse those Instructor's Guides. Can you tell I'm excited? Really, really, really excited!


Sounds like a little slice of heaven!

Choate Family said…
We LOVE Box Day - Sonlight is the best!
Luke Holzmann said…
Happy Box Days [smile]!


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