Seconds & Laughs

I had another post I intended to share today, but it can wait.  This just can't! 

First of all, Angela is now truly a snaggle-tooth.  When she came in yesterday morning to ask for a new tube of toothpaste, I asked her to let me check her second loose tooth.  Instead of just checking, I managed to pop that thing right on out of there.  She took off just giggling, running to show Daddy.

Although that is important, at least to Angela, that thing I really must share today made for such a good laugh for me that I have to share the joy!

Background: Steven (now 3 1/2 years old) has recently come to the place where he can completely dress and undress himself.  He even picks out his own clothes, for the most part.  Typically he gets up, comes to snuggle and give hugs for a few minutes, and then is sent back to his room to make his bed and get dressed.  Sometimes I go help him pick out clothes and make sure he doesn't need help, and other times I encourage him to do it all himself.

Yesterday morning, though, I was in the shower when he got up.  When he got up and started looking around for me, Doug told him where I was.  So, he sighed and said, "I'm going to get dressed now..."

Fast forward to about 12:45.  Steven had been playing with the girls before naptime.  Suddenly, I hear him call (from the bathroom, I soon discovered)...

Steven: Mommy, it feels like I don't have any underwear on!
Me: Well, maybe you should check and see.
Steven: I just did - I don't have any on!
Me (about to fall out laughing): Maybe you should put some on!!
Steven (in a pouty sort of voice): Will you wipe my bottom and then help me?
Me: As soon as I pick myself up off the floor!

I'm still chuckling - and will be checking for underwear from here on out!


Beth said…
Oh, the joy of little boys! Nathan will put on 3 pair of underwear at a time when we're at home, but as soon as we go out somewhere, one of us will take him to the bathroom only to find out that he's decided to go commando!
Choate Family said…
Katherine frequently finds herself in the same predicament :-) Boys and girls in our village don't even own underwear (hope that's not TMI!).

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