I'm super slow about posting about our delightful experiences over the past few weeks!  But, hopefully I'll get caught up this week.  We have fun stuff coming up, and I want to make sure to be caught up on posting before then so I can post that stuff too!

We've been blessed with a couple of visits with my parents over the past couple of weeks.  First, two weeks ago they made a trip down here.  

For the most part, I was so busy visiting that I didn't take many pictures until the last morning.  There are a lot of pictures, but here are just a couple of pictures to show how much fun the kids had playing with Nanny and Papaw!

Then a week later the kids and I made a trip up to Judsonia to visit with them.  It wasn't the same without Doug there - we all missed him greatly.  But, we still had fun!  Most of my pictures are snow pictures (which will come later this week), but here are a few shots of our indoor fun...
Steven quickly found "big, huge" trucks!  What could be better!
 On Wednesday the kids got to play with one of their cousins.
Playtime was followed by lunch and an early Valentine's party.
Then there were visits to the house next door to see Grandma and Grandpa.

All in all, a lovely set of visits from beginning to end!  Of course, the snow made the visits even sweeter - snow pictures coming up in a day or two!


Choate Family said…
I think it's lovely that your kids get to build relationships with their great-grandparents!

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