Just When I Need It

There are some days I just don’t want to homeschool.  I have a list of other things that I want to do, if only I didn’t have to teach the kids.  Not just short-term chores that I could take a day or two an accomplish, but life goals. 

I used to feel guilty about such feelings, but I don’t anymore.  It doesn’t do any good to feel guilty and press them down.  It’s better to just admit them and pray through them.  And God beautifully encourages me each and every time.

This week – before it was even two days old – has proven to be the week of encouragement. 
It started early in the school day Monday.  I realized we were on spelling lesson 106, so I told the girls we had 74 days of school work left in the year.  (We’re on a year-round schedule, aiming for an end of July completion with a few scheduled breaks in the middle, so we’re right on target.)  They got so excited!  Olivia exclaimed, “That means only 74 school days until I can start 4th grade!”  And Angela followed with, “And I can start 2nd grade!”  I chuckled and asked them if they didn’t want a break from school.  Their answer?  “Well, I guess we could take a break, if you wanted to.” 

Then came yesterday.  Not to divulge family secrets or anything, but  bedwetting is hereditary on my side of the family.  And, all three of our kids deal with it.  Olivia was almost five before she could stay dry all night.  Angela is 6 1/2 and just now beginning to see progress.  We told her we would reward her for five dry nights in a row.  The last time she managed that streak, she was ecstatic with quiche for lunch as her reward.  This morning marked a new five-night streak.  I told her I was going to need to think through a reward because I hadn’t been diligent to have one ready.  She said, “I think my reward should be to get to do extra history today!”  What?!!  That’s a reward?!

It was a reward for me!  My children love to learn!  And, no matter how much I struggle through being their teacher, I get the incredible blessing of being a part of that learning.  And that, my friends, is enough to remind me that there is nothing I could be doing right now that could trump being their teacher.

And, by the way, Angie got a quiche for lunch yesterday.  She has no idea how easy she is to reward! 


Luke Holzmann said…
May that encouragement always come when you need it. So glad to hear that your family enjoys the process of learning and can't wait to learn more [smile]. It's a beautiful thing...


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